If you are reading this page, then it’s likely that you may be facing some financial problems. We can provide solutions, and we have been doing so for three decades! The Sellers Law Firm has represented thousands of people who faced hard financial problems. In today’s world, everyone is feeling the effects of the current economic downturn. Many people have had their hours cut or have lost their jobs. Others find themselves struggling to make ends meet due to increases in cost for everyday necessities such as groceries, gasoline and utilities. Some individuals are struggling to keep their homes from being foreclosed, their automobiles from being repossessed or their wages from being garnished. Being able to take care of yourself and your family is fundamental, but what do you do when it feels like everything is crashing in on you? Call The Sellers Law Firm! Bankruptcy may be the answer and best option for you!

Bankruptcy is a process that helps individuals and businesses reorganize, consolidate or discharge debts. Bankruptcy allows some debts to be forgiven or paid back at a reduced percentage. Bankruptcy can even reduce interest rates on homes and cars.All bankruptcy cases are filed in federal court and the right to file bankruptcy is provided by federal law. For many, bankruptcy is the only solution to problems such as creditor harassment, garnishments, repossessions, and even foreclosure. Sitting down with a qualified bankruptcy attorney is the first step in finding out what your options are and which option will best serve your needs. The attorneys at The Sellers Law Firm are experienced and knowledgeable in the area of bankruptcy law, and have helped thousands throughout Alabama take back control of their financial life and protect their property! Your first consultation is free, which means there is no hidden cost or obligation. The first consultation allows you to sit down with one of our attorneys, get answers to your questions and find out what options are available. We never pressure anyone into filing a bankruptcy. A bankruptcy is a last resort option and if there are options other than filing a bankruptcy, then we will help you explore those other possible solutions.

If you or someone you know is overwhelmed by debt, facing foreclosure, drowning in medical bills or having their wages garnished then The Sellers Law Firm can help. We work to achieve a successful outcome for our clients by protecting your rights and property. We can help you through this process and ensure compassionate, courteous, effective representation. If you need help protecting your property and regaining control of your financial life, call us. Let us fight for what matters most to you! Call today! Doing nothing, changes nothing!

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