Bullock County, Alabama

Bullock County, located in the southeastern section of Alabama, falls within what is known as the Black Belt region. Established on December 5, 1866, the county is named in honor of Confederate Colonel Edward C. Bullock. Bullock County was created from portions of Pike, Barbour, Macon, and Montgomery Counties by an Act of State Legislature. Like other areas of Alabama, Bullock served as a reservation for many Creek Indians. In 1814, Creek Indians turned over 23 million acres of land to the United States government. The Creek’s ceded land presently runs along Bullock County. The county’s rich soil enabled agricultural production to sky rocket in the mid nineteenth century; however, following the Emancipation Proclamation, agricultural production dramatically decreased. In 1867, Union Springs, the largest city, was chosen as Bullock’s county seat. Bullock County is adjacent to Barbour, Montgomery, Pike, and Russell Counties. Bullock is the original home of several Civil Rights activists, including Virginia Foster Durr, and also home to the nation’s oldest garden club.

Once considered one of the wealthiest counties in Alabama, Bullock County is now considered one of the poorest. The majority of jobs are in the agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing. Industrial production and processing plants, such as the Bonnie Plant Farm’s headquarters, are located in Bullock County.

Based on the 2010 census, Bullock County has a recorded population of 10,914. The racial makeup of Bullock County was 70 percent black or African American, 23 percent white and 0.8 percent Hispanic, and 0.3 percent Native American.

Bullock County is considered one of the best hunting areas in the state. Each year Bullock County hosts a series of field trials; specifically for amateur hunting. Furthermore, Bullock County is home to several turkey and deer reserves and one of few fox-hunting communities in the country. The Chunnennuggee Ridge runs through the center of Bullock County and is home to diverse wildlife. Bullock County has festivals and events through the year that highlight the county’s natural resources and landscape. The Red Door Theater, which opened in 2003, regularly hosts plays and other productions. Bullock County residents and visitors to the Red Door Theatre enjoy professional performances in a 160 seat intimate arena.

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