Child Support/ Modification of Support

Child support itself is the money that is paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent for the care, maintenance and well-being of the minor children. In Alabama, calculation and determination of child support is based on a specific method. Guidelines for calculating child support differ from state to state; however, in Alabama, child support is calculated in accordance with Rule 32, Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration. Some of the factors that go into determining the amount of child support include the income of both parties, the amount either party pays for health insurance of the minor children and/or daycare for the minor children. There are other factors that are sometimes considered by the Court. The information needed to calculate child support is gathered by the use of child support forms as required by Alabama state law. Once a custody determination is made, child support can then be calculated. Parties can agree to an amount that is different from the guideline amount, but the base for all child support calculations in Alabama is Rule 32, ARJA.

Following an initial order of child support, either party may later seek a modification in the amount of support. Modification simply means that one party is seeking to change the amount of child support paid or received. Either party has the ability to seek a modification of child support; however, it can only be ordered by the court. In Alabama the recognized baseline for child support modification is a 10% change in either parties’ income or expenses.

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