Defective Products

Every day, people use hundreds of different products without ever questioning whether they are safe or defective. Automobiles, seat belts, household appliances, baby products, medications and sports equipment, are just a few of the products used daily. While most products are properly designed and manufactured, what happens when a defective product results in injuries to you or a loved one?

Each year, thousands of people are seriously injured or killed due to defective, dangerous or faulty products. When a person is injured or killed due to such products, the case is considered to be a product liability case. The area of product liability law is one where responsibility for faulty, defective or dangerous products made available to the public, is placed upon manufacturers, designers, distributors, suppliers or others who aided in making such a product and putting it into the public stream of commerce. There are four categories of product defects:

  1. Design Defects
  2. Manufacturing Defects
  3. Marketing Defects
  4. Unreasonably Dangerous Products

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