Elmore County, Alabama

Elmore County, located in east-central Alabama, is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. Established on February 1, 1866, the county was named in honor of General John Archer Elmore, a veteran of the American Revolution and an early settler of Alabama. Elmore County in located in the former Upper Creek territory; it is adjacent to Coosa, Montgomery, Macon, and Tallapoosa Counties. Elmore County is governed by a five-member county commission and includes seven incorporated communities.

Elmore County was created from portions of Coosa, Autauga, and Montgomery Counties by an act of Alabama State Legislature. Present day towns of Wetumpka and Tallassee, also located in Elmore County, retain the names of the former Creek town and location. In 1717, the French established Fort Toulouse along the Alabama River in Elmore County. Early settlers from Carolinas and Georgia arrived in Elmore County in the late eighteenth century. The arrival of settlers caused tension between the federal government and Creek Indians. Creek Indians later forced to turn over their land to the United States in the Treaty of Fort Jackson. Elmore County is also home of Alabama’s first governor, William Wyatt Bitt

In the last twenty years, Elmore County has transferred from an economy based on agriculture to one of the Alabama’s fastest growing counties. According to a recent report, 1,110 jobs were created over the last four years. Elmore County’s largest employer is in the manufacturing sector. The top ten manufacturers in Elmore County include: Neptune Technologies, Frontier Yarns, Russell Corporation, GKN Aerospace, Madix, Incorporated, Hanil, YESAC Alabama Corporation, Arrowhead Composites, Quality Networks, Incorporated, and AES Industries.

The population of Elmore County, as reported in the 2010 census, was approximately 65,874 people. Based on the census, Elmore County’s racial composition was 77 percent White, 20 percent Black or African American, 0.43 percent Native American, 0.36 percent Asian, 0.03 percent Pacific Islander, and 0.48 percent from other races.

Elmore County is home of some of the most visited recreational areas in the state. Lake Martin, on the Tallapoosa River, is one of the largest man-made lakes in the nation. The lake offers numerous activities, including fishing, boating, waterskiing, camping, golf, and swimming. Jordan Lake, on the Coosa River, is an excellent fishing area. Dallas County’s city of Wetumpka is a safe haven for white-water sports, attracting paddlers from all over the country.

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