Pike County, Alabama

Pike County

Pike County is located in the state of Alabama. Pike County is named in honor of General Zebulon Montgomery Pike, of New Jersey. General Pike was an explorer who led expedition team to southern Colorado and discovered Pikes Peak in 1806. Pike County was established on December 17, 1821; its seat and largest city is Troy, Alabama. Pike County is adjacent to Barbour, Bullock, Coffee, Crenshaw, Dale, and Montgomery Counties.

Pike County was created from portion of Montgomery and Henry Counties by an act of Alabama General Assembly. The county’s boundaries were changed several times with creation of several counties. Pike County’s boundaries were last changed in 1897. Early settlers were Scots-Irish decedents who came from the Carolinas. Other settlers came by the way of the Federal Railroad. Pike County’s earliest settlements were Henderson, China Grove, Goshen, Brundidge, and Orion.

Pike County’s soil was depleted shortly after the arrival of early settlers, who moved after concluding that Pike County did not have large developed plantations. After the Civil War, farmers began to terrace the land in Pike County. Commercial fertilizer was used to retain cotton crops. Cotton later became a major cash crop for the county until the devastating presence of the boll weevil insect appeared in 1918. Following the Great Depression, Pike County farmers began to advance in agriculture. During this time, peanuts, livestock, and timber boosted the county’s economy. In the 1960s and 1970s, plastic and steel production appeared when KW Plastic Recycling and Lockheed Martin opened, which aided in further boosting Pike County’s economy.

The population of Pike County, as reported in the 2010 census, was approximately 32,899. Based on the census, Pike County’s racial composition was 58.2 percent white, 36.6 percent black or African American, 2.2 percent Hispanic, 2.0 percent Asian, 1.2 percent as one or more races, and 0.6 percent as Native American.

Pike County is the home of the prestigious Troy University, which has several campuses throughout the state of Alabama. The county offers many recreational activities, including hiking, hunting, and fishing. Additionally, the Pike Pioneer Museum of Alabama houses artifacts in historical buildings and a nature trail. Recently, Pike County has become very popular for its annual event, Troy Fest. The festival celebrates cultural arts and introduces local artists.

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