Social Security Disability

Becoming disabled is something that most people never want to think about. It can happen at a moment’s notice and at any age. Most people only vaguely notice the Social Security taxes/FICA withholdings that come out of their payroll check each week and never realize the purpose of those withholdings. Social Security Disability is not a welfare program. Each pay check you put money into the Social Security System. This money is used for you, if you become disabled or once you reach retirement age. However, the chances that you will become disabled are probably greater than you realize. Studies show that a 20-year-old worker has a 3 in 10 chance of becoming disabled before reaching full retirement age. Once you become disabled, the impact of your lack of understanding of such benefits hits you like a ton of bricks! You need answers! You need answers fast! You don't know where to turn! You need immediate knowledgeable help! This is the time when you need to find an attorney with a thorough understanding of the Social Security process and its procedures. This is when you call The Sellers Law Firm.

Also, you should know that if you have never worked, have not worked in the past 4 years, or have not had substantial gainful employment, you probably will not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. However, there are other programs offered through Social Security for which you may qualify. SSI or Title XVI benefits, Disabled Adult Spouse benefits, Disabled Spouse or Disabled Widow benefits may be available for you. These programs offer a monthly compensation check and/or medical benefits. Just because you may not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits does not mean you should not apply! Do not give up! Let us look for options!

The attorneys at The Sellers Law Firm are experienced Social Security attorneys and have dedicated their practice to the representation of disabled clients. By doing this, they have developed a strong understanding of the ins and outs of getting their clients Social Security benefits. They understand the rules, the processes, the procedures, and all parties that are involved. The included information is provided to assist you in becoming familiar with the Social Security basics. However, if you or a family member is in need of assistance in receiving Social Security benefits, please feel free to give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and would welcome the opportunity to represent you during this trying time. Doing nothing, changes nothing!

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