Wage Garnishment

Before your wages can be garnished, a person or company must file a lawsuit in state or federal court against you and win that lawsuit. If the person or company wins, the court will issue a judgment. A judgment is a legal document which states that the party wins and how much money, costs and interest that is owed. The judgment then allows the person or company to garnish your wages or to even seize your property. Yes, it sounds complicated, but basically if you are sued and lose, then the winning party can take your money and property!! It is a harsh concept, but it happens every day!

Often times, people have their wages garnished for judgments and allow the garnishments to go on for years thinking nothing can be done! Interest and attorney fees accumulate on the judgment which makes the amount owed grow higher and higher. Interest on a judgment accumulates as 12% per year! In fact, some people lose up to 25% of their gross income each pay period to garnishments! Why let this happen when a phone call to The Sellers Law Firm can start the process of stopping this.

Don’t let this happen, when The Sellers Law Firm can stop this! If you are having your wages garnished, bankruptcy may be an option! Filing bankruptcy can instantly stop wage garnishments and protect your future earnings from being garnished. With creditors taking up to 25% of your paycheck, many individuals find themselves falling behind on bills, car payments, house payments and end up in a much worse situation. Before you get behind due to a wage garnishment, call The Sellers Law Firm.

The moment that you file the bankruptcy is the moment that your garnishment must stop according to the law! By meeting with one of our experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys, you will learn what your rights are, get your questions answered and may be able to stop garnishments and put more of your hard-earned money back in your pocket where it belongs!

Bankruptcy may be your best option and it may be possible to discharge the judgment or account by filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our goal at The Sellers Law Firm is for you to keep as much of your hard earned money as possible. We fight creditors in every way and every day! At The Sellers Law Firm, we have helped thousands of individuals and families statewide save their homes, their cars and their hard earned wages. Having an attorney who knows how to protect you and your property is vital. Call today for your free consultation. Doing nothing, changes nothing!

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