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Wetumpka, Alabama

Did you know that the word “Wetumpka” is derived from the Creek language for “rumbling waters” and prior to the 20th century that the roar of the Coosa River which flows through Wetumpka could be heard from miles around? Also, did you know that the hills just east of downtown were caused by the impact of a meteorite that left a 5 mile wide crater? Wetumpka is a city with a wide range of Native American and early American history! If you have never been to Wetumpka then it is definitely worth a trip to go and visit.

Wetumpka is a small, but growing town that is part of the Montgomery Metropolitan Area. Many people live in Wetumpka, or in the Elmore county area, yet work in Montgomery. Because of the fluctuations in the Montgomery work force in the past few years, many Wetumpka residents have found that being financially stable has become very difficult. While the poverty level in Wetumpka is not as low as some surrounding communities, it is still far above the national average. People have been faced with hardships due to loss of a job, unforeseen large medical expenses, an accident or injury which kept someone out of work for an extended period of time, or even a divorce. At The Sellers Law Firm, we know that life throws us curve balls at times. When this happens, it’s often difficult to focus on day to day activities when you’re worried about how to pay the bills. Creditors create unimaginable stress by calling relentlessly because bills are past due. Other creditors may even be trying to repossess a car or foreclose on a home. Call our Wetumpka bankruptcy attorneys long before this happens! We know how to end the stress and help our clients sleep better at night. We stop garnishments, foreclosures and repossessions. We can help our clients get in better financial shape by using the tools provided by a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 debt consolidation, and our Wetumpka bankruptcy lawyers have handles thousands of cases and have the experience to help you!

Through the 24 years that The Sellers Law Firm has been in existence, we have found that many people in the Wetumpka area are unable to work due to a physical or mental impairment. When this happens, people should apply for Social Security or SSI disability benefits. Many people wait to file in the desperate hope that they won’t have to apply for disability. However, this is the wrong strategy. By waiting to apply, precious time is wasted in getting a case through the sometimes lengthy Social Security process. Our Wetumpka Social Security lawyers suggest applying immediately when it may appear that you may never be able to return to work or that you may be off work longer than a year, but may to able to return at some point. It’s not uncommon for our clients to suffer from back injuries, debilitating illnesses, or have a mental impairment which affects not only their ability to work, but also their day to day life. It is tragic when these events occur to good, hard working people, but when it does we implore people to take advantage of both the monetary benefits and health insurance benefits offered by the Social Security Administration. Our Wetumpka Social Security attorneys have the knowledge and experience to being helping you immediately. Remember, we never charge an upfront fee, and we only get paid if you do!

At The Sellers Law Firm, we have experienced Wetumpka bankruptcy lawyers who will fight creditors to protects cars, wages, assets, and homes so that our clients can sleep easy knowing that they have an advocate who is fighting for their financial stability. Our Wetumpka Social Security lawyers aggressively and zealously fight for our client’s Social Security benefits. We know that collecting the health and monetary benefits can make life a little easier for our clients. All consultations are always free at The Sellers Law Firm. We have offices in Montgomery, Selma, Greenville, and Troy so that we can better serve you! Call us today at 334-LAWYERS (529-9377) to set an appointment to meet the entire team who can help you! You may also reach us by using the “text us” link or Contact Form on our website. Remember that doing nothing, changes nothing so please act today!

Client Reviews
Brandon was my first choice for an attorney because he is part of the community and you see him at the local store or PTA meetings and he always has time for you and answer your concerns. Ronica Phifer
The Sellers Law Firm represented me in my social security case, and later in my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I have been very happy with all that you have done for me, and I refer people to you all the time. Thanks for all that you have done for me and my family. Angie Langford
I would like to start out by saying Brandon sellers is more than a lawyer that has helped my family out in numerous occasions but he's also a great friend to our family. Whenever he can't find a resolution for the problem he always recommends somebody that can. I've known him for years grew up together always been really good friends. I like to say in closing I'm really glad I know him I'm glad he's been able to help us when we've needed him. Thanks for everything you've done. Timothy Palmer
The sellers law firm is the best in Alabama they are friendly and very professional from the attorneys to the people in the office. They where very helpful throughout the whole process and even after it was over. So if you are in need for a bankruptcy firm give Brandon sellers a call you won't be disappointed Thank you Again Brian Floyd
I highly recommend Sellers Law Firm, they are fantastic and care about their clients. They walk you through step by step and advise you of your options. Sheila Wright