What questions should I ask prior to hiring a Social Security attorney?

Each attorney practices in a different manner. Each attorney has his or her own strategies and methodologies when it comes to a Social Security case. However, there are some basic questions that you should ask when you are "interviewing" a prospective attorney/firm for your Social Security case.

  1. Will my case be handled by an attorney? Many attorneys advertise for Social Security cases, only to send a non-attorney to the hearing. This never happens at The Sellers Law Firm! It never has and it never will! It is important to have an attorney at your hearing with you. A non-attorney may have experience. A non-attorney may have knowledge, but only an attorney is governed by his or her state bar and can be punished in the event that he or she makes a mistake on your case. We firmly stand behind the statement that an experienced attorney offers you the best chance for success.

  2. Will I meet with my attorney prior to my hearing? It is important for you to have met your attorney prior to your hearing so that you can become comfortable with him or her and so that he or she can become comfortable with you. You will be nervous enough at your hearing; you should know exactly who will be at your hearing with you. You should discuss your medical conditions with your attorney personally. Also, your attorney should explain to you the hearing process for your local hearing office. You should be comfortable with what to expect at your hearing prior to ever arriving at your hearing office for your hearing.

  3. Is the attorney that will be at my hearing local? So many national firms advertise for Social Security cases. However, they may fly an attorney into your town the day of the hearing and then fly that attorney back out the same day. It is important that the attorney have a working knowledge of your local hearing office, the judges at the hearing office, and any local rules that are applicable. If the attorney is coming from out of town, he or she may not be familiar with these things. Further, it is usually impossible for you to meet with that attorney prior to your hearing. At The Sellers Law Firm, we are all local attorneys. We live in the Montgomery area. We work here; our children attend school here, and we attend church here. We practice in front of these judges every week and we know the workers at the social security offices.

  4. How will I be charged for you handling my case? You should not be charged anything up front. Period. If a firm tells you that they charge a "case set-up fee" or "advancements of costs"--run! If an attorney is a Social Security approved attorney, he or she will charge you a contingency fee and will receive direct payment of those fees.

At the Sellers Law Firm, we change the same standard fee set forth by the Social Security Administration. We charge 25% of your back social security benefits up to but not more than $6,000. This is the fee set forth by the Social Security Administration. We never charge an up-front fee. Also, it’s just this simple in that we don’t get paid unless you do! Remember, doing nothing, changes nothing!

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