Chapter 13

Let the Sellers Law Firm Help You File for Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation

At the Sellers Law Firm, we can help you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Alabama letting you retain ownership of your important assets. If you are unable to pay off your current debt but have a stable income, you might benefit by joining the 15,000+ Montgomery area residents who are already improving their financial status with a pending Chapter 13 debt consolidation case. We have successfully helped thousands of clients to regain their financial stability and, for as little as $50, we can help you too.

What Happens to Your Debt with Chapter 13

While a Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates your debt in usually much less than a year, a Chapter 13 takes 3-5 years to process. During this time, you will make monthly payments to pay off your creditors and restore your credit. This form of bankruptcy is sometimes called "debtor's consolidation bankruptcy" or "repayment bankruptcy.” A Chapter 13 also allows you to pay the attorney fees and court costs in a monthly payment which is included in your Chapter 13 payment. A Chapter 13 and a Chapter 7 are the only debt relief options which give you a federal court order to protect you from the harassment of creditors or a repossession, foreclosure, or garnishment!

At The Sellers Law Firm, 2w will help you review your debts, properties, assets and current income to determine if a Chapter 13 debt consolidation is the right choice for your financial plight. Most people only repay a small portion of their debt under this plan, and we usually find it to be the most effective option. In the Montgomery, Alabama area, around 85% of all cases filed are Chapter 13 cases.

Protect Your Property and Your Sanity

The stress associated with debt grows as you fall further behind on your payments. Each month you may find that you ‘rob Peter to pay Paul.” However, with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can put an end to the building pressures. The legal process will allow you to arrange payments that you can afford to clear your debt and stop the harassment that accompanies unpaid bills, repossessions, foreclosures, and garnishments.

You can protect your home from foreclosure and prevent creditors from repossessing the properties that you have purchased. Additionally, filing for this type of bankruptcy will impede embarrassing wage garnishments. Being able to stop foreclosures and help you keep your home is our goal. We can help protect your automobile as well. If you have fallen behind on car payments and are concerned about repossession, we can help you keep the car and often reduce the interest payments at the same time. Sometimes, we can even reduce the amount owed on the car to the actual value of the car.

We know that this is a very stressful time for our clients; therefore our goal is to be honest and straightforward about how we can help you! If a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is not the best option, we will explore other options which may be more beneficial to you and your family!

Which Is Better: Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy

Each type of bankruptcy has benefits and drawbacks that we can help you to understand. Our personalized services will help you to determine which is best for your current financial situation. Remember that every client’s financial situation is different. There is no “cookie cutter” answer and speak in detail to learn about you and your financial issues. If you want to protect your home and car, then a Chapter 13 debt consolidation is usually a better choice.

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